From The Door of An Orphanage
Living Stress Free
The Paradox of Richard III
The Day Before We Became Rich
Raging Desire
Back From 44
Camping For Girls & Women Too
Living in God's Rhyme
Encountering God: Be Transformed by His Word
Shifting Scenes
What's Next?
The Four Apostles Book II
His Final MIssion
Once Upon A Time There Were Two Soul Mates
Telly Tales: The Best of Telly Owl & Friends!
Overcoming Faith
Dying & Living in the Arms of Love
Riding the Wooden Horse
Elysia: The World in Children's Dreams 2nd Edition
Waiting To Cry: Travails of a Long Journey
A Cry For Help: Who's Listening?
Sweet Dreams
Birds And Lands
The Weekend in Troy
Overcoming Faith
I Am Blessed.: A Collection of Faith-Based Prayers and Affirmations
Racism, Sexism, Trumpism, Pseudo-Christianity And The Cinema
The Sheriff's Dream: Jacob's Redemption
Faith, Hope and Health
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
Survival From The Start: The Misadventures of Mekkâr
Encountering Christmas
Encountering Christmas Pap
Come . . . Sit in My Heart: A Sufi Speaks His Silence
Poetry to Ponder
My Life Transformed by Parkinson's Disease: Living with a Chronic Illness (a Personal Account)
If I Hold You In My Teardrop
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
Lord, Use Me
John Carter: Soldier, Business Tycoon, Politician
God's Rhyme
Encountering Christmas Pap
The Permanent Establishment of Peace
Who Authorized You to Quit?: Church Growth in "At-Risk" Communities
The Heart Whisperer
God Still Rhymes
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
Lay Counseling Series: Psychologists and Theologians, Can They Integrate?
The Listening Child: What Can Go Wrong?
Toni Tati
Encountering Christmas Pap
A Breath Away: The Final Chapter of Life
Fe, Esperanza Y Salud
The Beautiful Elephant
Elysia: The Magical World
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
The Edge of Reality: Strings & Things - Dark Energy - Temporal Enigmas
Murder at Indian Harbour
The Teenager
Encountering Christmas Pap
The Magic Keys of Tanglewood
The Who?: An Unusual Comical Tragedy. An Autobiography
Wilted Flowers: A Survivor's Guide To Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul
Is The United States Worth Saving?: For A More Perfect Union!
Sophisticated Lemurs
America Open Your Gift: 119 Million New Millionaires
Encountering Christmas Pap
I Am a Sidewalk