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Whether you’re ready to get your story to the world and just looking for the perfect avenue, or still gearing into the beginnings of your work and would need quality guidance and support, Lettra Press can help you turn every letter into masterpieces generations will remember.

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Feedback from one of our valued clients, Mr. Jan Cooper.

The Everlasting Soul: Jesus Meets His Soul

I received 3 calls from publishers regarding republishing The Relentless Jew. I declined all three because they offered nothing new or promising. Actually, I turned down the first call from Lettra Press. The reason for that is my past history with publishers was disappointing and actually frightening. It was the second call from Lettra Press that I stopped and listened to. It made sense to me and gave me hope that ‘here indeed is a company I can work with. I am happy to report I was not wrong and better yet they have been so right.

The experience has actually been joyful and fulfilling. Each step of the way was enjoyable and a learning experience. When things seemed to be difficult someone on the staff smoothed the problem out, and the problem just disappeared. I will recommend Lettra Press to my granddaughter who is writing a novel and to members of our writers group. I will not wait until my next book is finished to contact your company but will draw upon the experience and professionalism of your company for moral support during those days when everything seems to dry up.

I wish to thank the entire staff for the help and strength that encourages me to continue writing and thank you for the beautiful book ‘The Everlasting Soul’ became. Like a newborn child emerging from the womb, my months of hard work, my efforts, are all I could have hoped for.

The Magic Horse

Anna Cortez, senior book consultant at LettraPress LLC contacted me by email several times. I did not know if I wanted to trust another press company. She guided me to continue to believe in the book I wrote is marketable. I took a great leap of Faith and republished the book at a lower cost with Lettra Press LLC. If you are thinking about publishing or republishing a book, listen to my story. I was vulnerable at the time and disillusioned by the previous press company.

It is about building trust in a relationship to give the book you wrote the best platform to share with others. LettraPress LLC believes in me and I believe in them to take the book to the next stage of excellence in marketing.

I Am a Sidewalk

I was approached by Lettra Press last fall by a publisher of theirs, Anna Cortez. From the initial interaction and ongoing republication efforts of my book, I have been most pleased with the results. The Lettra Press model was very easy to understand the process for and business aspects of republication. I appreciated the fact that I sensed Anna had read my story and truly grasped its potential. Her initiative in exploring options assisted in my decisions moving forward.

We have almost completed the unveiling of the republished book, ‘I Am a Sidewalk’ in an ebook, paperback, and hardback format, available via Amazon.

 A subsequent, well-explained, and economically purchased marketing plan will help expose my book to a greater audience who can benefit from the story the book is telling. I appreciate the hands-on approach Anna has provided as she is the single point person for my needs.

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