What happens after you’ve finished writing?

  • Choose your publishing package and marketing plans.
  • Sign the non-exclusive contract.
  • Prepare and submit your manuscript.
  • Control your book cover and interior design.
  • See your book live.
  • Start earning royalties.

Lettra Press authors will receive 100% Royalty (net proceeds) for every book sale. Once your book is published, it will be listed in the Books in Print® database and will be available for order on online retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes&Noble.com, Books-A-Million, and over 38 thousand online retailers.


The Professional Package incorporates all the essential needs in publishing your work. With the addition of different design options, and a customizable interior template for a more one-of-a-kind feel.
The Elite Package gives all the tools to design, create, and deliver a book that will ensure a spot in the competitive publishing environment. The ideal package for authors not compromising quality.

*Note: Shipping and handling costs for complimentary copies included in the package will be shouldered by the author.